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The teeth in my saw are wearing really quickly, why?

Why is it happening?

This problem is relevant to both carbide tipped and diamond tipped blades.

Worn diamond tips

The answer to the question varies from case to case and depends on the mechanical properties of the rock, the saw tooth material and often also on the operator's skill and common sense.

In carbide saws, the problem is very often in wrong placement of the cutting picks, if those are placed correctly and you still experience excessive wear, try another teeth material.

Worn diamond tips

Taking operator out of the equation for the time being, it is important to first decide if the wear is due to abrasiveness or hardness of the rock.

Remember, hardness of the rock and hardness of the minerals which make up the rock are two different things! Eg, 25 Mpa rock, is not very hard, but if it is made up from coarse grains of predominantly quartz, it will wear out your cutting tool really quickly.

What can be done about it?

For carbide saws, try to place the teeth correctly. You may need to try different grades of carbide

For diamond blades, try a different grade of diamond composite.

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