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Do you have a rock saw that is optimised for use on excavator sizes from 2 to 16 tonnes?

Echidnas range of standard diamond rocksaws

No, nobody has and those who claim they do are misleading you.

For example, there are people who claim their saw (an equivalent to our D3) is suitable for excavators ranging from 2-16 t.

Our D3 saw can also be made to work with all excavators in this range, but it does not work at its full potential across this whole range.

Just like there is not one hammer size that fits all, or just like there is not one excavator size suited for all jobs (!), various size saws are only optimised to work with a limited excavator sizes.

At Echidna, we do not subcribe to this overstated advertising and have instead invested heavily into the development of wide product range.

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