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Echidna excavator stump grinders and wood saws are a powerful alternative to stand-alone units.

Wood saws

Echidna excavator wood saws are excellent for cutting firewood, tree trimming and felling, brush cutting, clearing and hedge trimming.

Optional accessories

Optional accessories such as rotation units, tilt heads and rail systems add to the flexibility of the machine, allowing application such as on-site milling of tree trunks.

Excavator stump grinders

Echidna Excavator stump grinders use the power and reach of an excavator to remove stumps quickly and efficiently even in difficult to access locations.

Environmental Benefit of Excavator Stump Grinding

The organic material from the stump is left in place to decompose and enrich the soil, as compared with the alternative of ripping the stumps out of the ground with the excavator and then burning or otherwise disposing of the stump.

Ripping the stump out with the excavator removes the underground root structure and leaves the ground prone to erosion

The reach and flexibility of the excavator allows it to access otherwise inaccessible locations. It can also prevent damage to plants and fixtures in the vicinity of the stump, by reaching over the obstruction or sensitive area.


Wood Saws 2x

Wood Saws

for excavators 2 - 25 tonnes
Stump Grinders 2x

Stump Grinders

for excavators 2 - 25 tonnes

Other Applications