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Cutting Metal

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Echidna rocksaws, when fitted with a suitable blade, can be used for cutting

High Tip Speed Required for Cutting Metals

For all metals, the flexibility of the material can cause problems which are generally overcome by holding the workpiece firmly, braced against an immovable support. For many applications when cutting metals with an excavator mounted saw, this is not possible.

To overcome the problem, we recommend a high tip speed when cutting metals.

Blade Selection for Cutting Metals

Cutting Steel and Aluminium

For cutting steel and aluminium, there are two options for the cutting blades: tungsten tipped, or friction blades. The tungsten teeth cut the metal in a conventional way. The friction blades heat the metal to melting point to part the metal.

Cutting Copper

Copper has a very high heat conductivity, so friction blades are not eff ective. Tungsten tipped blades must be used for cutting copper.

Case Study

Cutting Steel Pipes 2x

Recommended Equipment

Diamond Rocksaws 2x

Other Applications