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Wind Turbine Recycling 2x

Wind Turbine Recycling

Cutting wind turbine blades for transport andprocessing
Concrete Cutting & Demolition 2x

Concrete Cutting & Demolition

Replace road saws and wall saws with Echidna excavator concrete saws. High-speed, high performance concrete saws for all excavators. Rails systems, tilts and rotators allow cutting horizontally and other angles. Use with excavators or demolition robots.
Bridge Demolition 2x

Bridge Demolition

  • Large blade saws for deep cuts
  • Narrow body to fit between beams
  • High-performance for fast cutting
  • Little debris while cutting bridges in working environments
Micro-trenching 2x


  • fast, minimal damage, precision trenches from 26mm width
Excavation 2x


  • footings, trenches, basements, carparks, swimming pools and more
  • boundary wall cutting
  • minimise vibration in sensitive areas
  • re-use cut material for retaining walls
  • optical fibre, plumbing, electricity trenches
Quarrying 2x


  • sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, basalt...
  • cut dimensional stone directly in quarry
  • multi blade saws for precision blocks
Landscaping & Dimensional Stone 2x

Landscaping & Dimensional Stone

  • shape blocks for retaining walls, paths, stairs
  • trim trees
  • modify and remove concrete
  • grind stumps
Recycling 2x


cut metals, plastics, fibreglass, rubber and more for handling and recycling
Cutting Metal 2x

Cutting Metal

cutting steel with echidna excavator rocksaw
Firewood 2x
Tunnels & Mines 2x

Tunnels & Mines

  • trenches for services
  • finishing walls
  • slots for services in tunnel walls
Stump Grinding 2x

Stump Grinding

Stump grinder attachments for excavators 8 tonne and upwards

  • stump grinder
  • firewood
  • milling logs
  • brush cutting