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Case Studies

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Sandstone Quarry 2x

Sandstone Quarry

Grants Rd Sand quarry, Somersby NSW Australia
Cutting Steel Pipes 2x

Cutting Steel Pipes

Cutting double walled, concrete filled steel pipes with D5HP
Demolition of Baking Ovens 2x

Demolition of Baking Ovens

Cutting Iron and steel baking overs with Echidna D4HS diamond rocksaw
Wind Turbine Demolition 2x

Wind Turbine Demolition

Cutting retired wind turbine blades during decommissioning
Multi-axis Cuttting Head for Removal of Tunnel Lining 2x

Multi-axis Cuttting Head for Removal of Tunnel Lining

  • multi-axis rotation and telescopic arm
Automated Concrete Cutting 2x

Automated Concrete Cutting

Swiss RAE Building, Zurich, Concrete Slab Demolition
Gantry for Cutting Iron Slab 2x

Gantry for Cutting Iron Slab

Bluescope Steel, Port Kembla, Australia
Cutting Firewood 2x

Cutting Firewood

Wayne Manton, Dubbo Australia
Tight Access Excavation 2x

Tight Access Excavation

Underhouse excavation, concrete demolition and landscaping with D1S diamond rocksaw
Cutting Carpet 2x

Cutting Carpet

Cutting carpet rolls for recycling
Deep Sea Risers 2x

Deep Sea Risers

Cutting deep sea risers for recycling