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Tight-Access Excavation

Tight-Access Excavation

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Tight-Access Excavation

Tight-Access Excavation

Access to backyards and underhouse spaces can be limited to less than 1m, which means that only mini excavators can be used. But mini excavators can often lack the power to effectively hammer through hard rock or concrete. Also, hammering can cause damage through vibration to existing structures.

Excavator rocksaws provide a solution. With an excavator rocksaw, the rock can be cut and then more easily broken and removed.

The finished wall is smooth and can even be used to feature the grain of the rock.

The rock can be reused for site works in the form of landscaping material - for example retaining walls and stairways.

Diamond rocksaws on mini-excavators can be used for cutting reinforced concrete for demolition within buildings, or swimming pools.

Case Studies

Recommended Equipment




Wind Turbine Recycling 2x

Wind Turbine Recycling

Cutting wind turbine blades for transport andprocessing
Concrete Cutting & Demolition 2x

Concrete Cutting & Demolition

Replace road saws and wall saws with Echidna excavator concrete saws. High-speed, high performance concrete saws for all excavators. Rails systems, tilts and rotators allow cutting horizontally and other angles. Use with excavators or demolition robots.
Bridge Demolition 2x

Bridge Demolition

  • Large blade saws for deep cuts
  • Narrow body to fit between beams
  • High-performance for fast cutting
  • Little debris while cutting bridges in working environments
Micro-trenching 2x


  • fast, minimal damage, precision trenches from 26mm width
Excavation 2x


  • footings, trenches, basements, carparks, swimming pools and more
  • boundary wall cutting
  • minimise vibration in sensitive areas
  • re-use cut material for retaining walls
  • optical fibre, plumbing, electricity trenches
Quarrying 2x


  • sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, basalt...
  • cut dimensional stone directly in quarry
  • multi blade saws for precision blocks
Landscaping & Dimensional Stone 2x

Landscaping & Dimensional Stone

  • shape blocks for retaining walls, paths, stairs
  • trim trees
  • modify and remove concrete
  • grind stumps
Recycling 2x


cut metals, plastics, fibreglass, rubber and more for handling and recycling
Cutting Metal 2x

Cutting Metal

cutting steel with echidna excavator rocksaw
Tunnels & Mines 2x

Tunnels & Mines

  • trenches for services
  • finishing walls
  • slots for services in tunnel walls
Stump Grinding 2x

Stump Grinding

Stump grinder attachments for excavators 8 tonne and upwards

  • stump grinder
  • firewood
  • milling logs
  • brush cutting