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Diamond Rocksaw

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diamond rocksaw for excavator



Product Range

Our extensive range allows us to tailor the rocksaw to suit the job and excavator

High power, high speed and standard machines to fit excavators from 1 to 60 tonnes

Echidna is the only rocksaw manufacturer to design machines truly suited for excavators up to 2 tonnes

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Diamond Rocksaw Accessories

Echidna has an unparalleled selection of accessories to increase the utility and productivity of your diamond rocksaw

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Echidna Diamond Rocksaws Product Range


Diamond Rocksaws Features

Reversible Blade Spin 2x

Reversible Blade Spin

For site protection and horizontal cutting.This is an optional feature of all Echidna diamond tipped saws, including high speed and multiple blade models.

It allows the operator to control he direction of spin at will, so that the debris can be directed away from the excavator cabin, or exposed property or persons.

In residential areas, mud in your face will often be the best option.

Rapid automatic blade brake 2x

Rapid automatic blade brake

Echidna has designed an hydraulic braking system to stop the blade almost instantaneously when the power to the saw has been removed.

Being integral to the hydraulic circuit of the rock saw, the brake does not contain parts that wear. This means there is no maintenance required, no periodic replacement of parts, and no contamination of the the working parts of the saw with abrasive powder from worn brakes.

The added advantage is that the brake operates automatically, and stays on when power is removed from the saw. The blade is locked at all times unless the saw is in use.

This is an important safety feature designed and developed by Echidna.

Convert to Multiblade saw 2x

Convert to Multiblade saw

The robust construction of the spindle bearing support or all of the Echidna diamond rock saws allows for the mounting of two or more blades, with an offset spacer for cutting of trenches.

Trenches from 20mm up to 500mm in width can be cut this way.

Multiple blades can be fitted for quarrying finished slices of stone.

For wider trenches, we recommend using our DX2 range of diamond saws, with blade(s) on either side of the saw.

Adjustable shield 2x

Adjustable shield

The protective shield on Echidna Diamond Saws is made up of two independent assemblies.

The inner shield rotates by 360 deg. (ie full circle) around the blade. It is constrcted so that the outer rim sits flush with the outer face of the cutting blade.

The outer guard swivels around the inners shield independently by approx 45deg.

With this arrangement it is possible to open the shield angle to cover most of the blade in situations where surrounding property must be well guarded from the cut debris.

The outer guard provides full protection ofrom both sides of the cuttting blade. The outer guard can be removed when cutting along a boundary wall is required.

Bearing Hub 2x

Bearing Hub

The construction of the front bearing hub and its sealing arrangement gives a life time warranty for protection against any dirt entering the bearing space and even allows to use the saw fully submerged in water.

Rotating Head Bracket 2x

Rotating Head Bracket

Rotate the saw by 90 deg. increments without disconnecting from the excavator. This is available for saws up D3 size

Rotating Stand 2x

Rotating Stand

The standard stand for all Echidna diamond saws has a rotating cradle. Rotating the cradle allows easy regripping if cutting on alternate sides of the excavator.

Direct Drive - no gearbox 2x

Direct Drive - no gearbox

Standard, high power and high speed diamond rocksaws are directly driven from the hydraulic motor. This means there is no gear box. The advantage is higher efficiency and less maintenance.

Narrow body for trenching 2x

Narrow body for trenching

One of our design criteria is to minimise the width of the saw, to allow it to be inserted into trenches.

Wood Cutting and Stump Grinding 2x

Wood Cutting and Stump Grinding

Our diamond rocksaws are built with full bearing protection, which allows them to be converted to wood cutting saws and stump grinders. The high speed models in particular have enough speed for serious stump grinding.

Diamond Rocksaws Product Range


D0S <br/>0.8 - 2 tonnes 2x

0.8 - 2 tonnes

Single Direction Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 0.8 - 2 tonnes
max. Cutting depth: 235mm
D1S <br/>1 - 4 tonnes 2x

1 - 4 tonnes

Standard Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 1- 4 tonnes
max. Cutting depth: 325mm
D2S <br/>3 - 5 tonnes 2x

3 - 5 tonnes

Standard Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 3 - 6 tonnes
max. Cutting depth: 525mm
D3S  <br/>6 - 15 tonnes 2x

6 - 15 tonnes

Standard Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 20 - 60 tonnes
max.Cutting depth: 1550mm

High Speed

D1HS <br/>1 - 4 tonnes 2x

1 - 4 tonnes

High Speed Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 1 - 4 tonnes
D2HS <br/>2 - 8 tonnes 2x

2 - 8 tonnes

High Speed Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 3 - 8 tonnes
D3HS  <br/>5 - 12 tonnes 2x

5 - 12 tonnes

High Speed Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 5- 12 tonnes
D4HS<br/> 10 - 20 tonnes 2x

10 - 20 tonnes

High Speed Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 10 - 20 tonnes

High Powered

D3HP <br/>7 - 16 tonnes 2x

7 - 16 tonnes

High Power Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 7 -16 tonnes
max. Cutting depth :775mm
D4HP<br/> 10 - 20 tonnes 2x

10 - 20 tonnes

High Power Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 7- 25 tonnes
max. Cutting depth :1075mm
D5HP<br/> 16 - 30 tonnes 2x

16 - 30 tonnes

High Power Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 10 - 30 tonnes
max. Cutting depth :1350mm
D6HP<br/> 20 - 45 tonnes 2x

20 - 45 tonnes

High Power Diamond Rocksaw
for excavators 20- 70 tonnes
max. Cutting depth: 1550mm