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Excavator Wood Saws

Excavator Wood Saws

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Excavator Wood Saws

Excavator Wood Saws

From mini-excavators to 30 tonners, we can provide an effective circular saw to suit.

Blade diameters range from 400mm up to 1850mm.

We generally recommend tungsten-tipped blades for wood cutting, as they maintain their sharpness longer, particular when cutting firewood which may have sand trapped in the wood.

Echidna excavator wood saws are based on our range of diamond rocksaws.This means that their construction is robust, with double bearing protection for the motor, and effective seals to prevent dirt and water entering the bearings.

Echidna woodsaws have automatic blade brake for safety. They can be converted to a rock or concrete cutting saw by replacing the blade with a suitable diamond blade.

To discuss the suitability of any rock saw model for wood cutting, please contact Echidna or one of our distributors.

Cut firewood - trim branches - clear brush



Hydraulic wood cutting saw for excavators
Wood saws for excavators
Cutting branches with vertical blade
Hydraulic Wood cutting saws for excavators
Cutting standing trees with horizontal blade


Refer to Diamond rocksaw specifications for full specifications of the saw drives.

Recommended Blades Diameters and Oil Flow Requirements

The following table gives the recommended oil flow required for good tip speed for wood cutting.
The maximum flow rating is a limitation of the saw hydraulics, and exceeding this can damage the motor.

As a very rough calculation, the hydraulic oil flow available to an excavator can be estimated at
10 x excavator weight in tonnes + 22 lpm. It is best to check the specifications of your excavator, or have the oil flow measured for best results.

Echidna saw
Blade Diameter mm
600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800
Recommended flow rate for wood cutting lpm
D1S XU 40 32 24
NU 50 31
XM 60 38
NM 60 38
NB 60 51
D2S NB 65 61 51 44
RB 75 64 55 48
XB 75 52
D3S BM 100 76 68
SB 125 95 85
NB 125 106

The cutting depth loss due to the hub is 75mm for D1S and D2S and 120mm for D3S

*calculate cutting depth =(blade diameter/2)-cutting depth loss