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A Revolution in Rock Cutting Technology

Cut up to 10x faster than Tungsten-Carbide rocksaws

Single and Multi-Blade for 1 to 100 tonne excavators

Cut rocks up to 400MPa

Our revolutionary Omnicut excavator rock saws are a world-first.

The Omnicut saws combine the hardness of diamonds with the robustness of tungsten carbide saws' construction to make a saw that can cut through hard and soft rock, reinforced concrete and wood, without the need to change the blade.

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  • on-site tooth replacement
  • production rates of 75 cubic metres per hour in 50-60 MPa Sydney sandstone
  • no cooling water in most conditions*
  • simple on-site tip replacement
  • Suitable for single and multiblade saws
  • small and large diameter blades
  • wider cut than standard diamond saws for easy breaking and removal
  • models suitable for excavators 1 to 100 tonnes
  • lower rpm than standard diamond rocksaw and no water means less mess on-site
Omnicut rocksaw cutting width minimum 40mm
Minimum cutting width 40mm. Blades can be
built to give cutting width limited only by the
power of the excavator.



Product Range

Our extensive range allows us to tailor the rocksaw to suit the job and excavator

Single and multi-blade machines to fit excavators from 1 to 100 tonnes

In most cases cooling water is not required. Cooling might be required in extremely tough materials.Water for dust suppression may be required.