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Their design is based on the Echidna HS (high-speed) series of diamond tipped saws. Only high-power - high-speed motors such as those used in Echidna high-speed diamond saws can provide the tip speed required for efficient stump grinding.

Use for Wood Saw, Concrete and Rock Saw

The unique spindle bearing assembly design for all our excavator hydraulic rock saws and stump grinders provides for extremely easy blade replacement and this together with their very high rotational speed makes them directly suitable for the cutting of wood or concrete or bitumen cutting for road and other construction works. It is just a matter of a simple replacement of the cutting blade which takes, literally, minutes.

The replacement of stump grinder teeth is also very easy, fast and inexpensive.

Echidna SG stump grinders can also be mounted on skid-steers, tractors and backhoes

Advantages of Excavator Stump Grinding

The use of an excavator for stump grinding has clear advantages

Excavators can be used to rip the stump from the ground. While this can be quicker than grinding the stump, grinding has some advantages


At Echidna, we have developed a comprehensive range of models of excavator stump grinders, to help you harness all of the available power of your excavator.

For specifications, please refer to D2HS for SG2, D3HS for SG3 and D4HS for SG4 diamond rocksaws specifications