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For parallel cuts such as for trenches and quarrying

Repositioning your excavator to achieve perfectly parallel cuts is a time consuming operation, and difficult to acieve with precision. This is why you might want a dual blade saw. A dual blade rocksaw is usually built with two blades on each side of the saw case. They are expensive, the change of spacing between diamond blades is either impossible or difficult and the cutting with a single blade is not always possible with some makes.

Echidna has addressed these issues with the design of blade bearing support in such a way that it is possible to mount several diamond rocksaw blades with spacers, thus cheaply and easily converting your single blade diamond rocksaw into a dual or multiple blade rocksaw

MachineMaximum Blade Spacer /mm
D3HP, D3HS, D3S300mm
D4HP ,D4HS, D4S300mm