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wind turbine dismantling

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As existing wind turbines approach their end of life, they must be reduced to small enough pieces that they can be transported to a disposal facility.

Wind-turbine blades are usually made from glass or carbon fibre in a polymer matrix. It is light, and tough material, and methods of demolition are limited.

Wind farms are often located in farmland, and it is essential that after cutting, the site is left free of debris.

Echidna excavator circular saws have proven to be an excellent tool for the cutting of wind-turbine blades on site.

Around Europe, wind farm installations where turbines are to be decommissioned, have benefited from the application knowledge and expertise of Echidna.


The Echidna hydraulic circular saw solution offers these advantages over other techniques:

Equipment Used

D5HP High Speed Diamond Rocksaws 2x

D5HP High Speed Diamond Rocksaws

Specification and technical information

Recommended Equipment

We recommend the larger blade diameter diamond rock saws for cutting through the full depth of the wind turbine blades.

Other Applications