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In this era of massive expansion of digital communication networks, micro-trenching has become an important method of excavation for installing optical fibre and electrical cables on roadways and in urban areas.

Microtrenching is the process of cutting a trench that is just the right size. It is a cleaner, faster method than the standard trenching methods and has the advantage of

  1. minimisation of disturbance to communities
  2. reduction of time taken for trenching, and hence costs
  3. reducing time backfilling and making good of road surfaces etc
Echidna micro-trenching attachments are suitable for excavators, skid-steers, remote controlled robots and tractors.
  1. The Echidna OmniCut microtrenching technology offers a cleaner cut than a typical tungsten-carbide tipped micro-trenching machine, reducing damage to concrete and asphalt surfaces to a very bare minimum.
  2. The Echidna OmniCut cutting speed is at least 5x faster than the equivalent tungsten carbide cutting disks
  3. The minimum width of the OmniCut trench is 26mm.
  4. The OmniCut cutting tips have excellent wear properties, giving very long times between servicing.
  5. OmniCut microtrenching attachments easily cut through reinforcing bars in concrete

Grooved Road surface

Echidna OmniCut micortrenching attachments can be designed for as little as 1mm cutting depth. This precision cannot be achieved by

Micro-trench Parameters

Echidna micro-trenching attachments can be customised to suit the application requirements.
 Excavator Mass tonnes 12
Used Power kW 30
Cut Width mm 80 40
Depth mm 160 200
Length m 300 300
Time to Cut hours 3 2

Case Study

Stavoplast KL spol s.r.o. utilised the Echidna O4S microtrenching attachment on their Menzimuck excavator to cut this 300m long trench in the concrete floor of an old cowshed, to run optical fibre cables.

Microtrench through concrete with Echidna omnicut microtrencher

The attachment was required to cut an 80mm wide trench, 160mm deep and 300m long, through old reinforced concrete.

After 3 hours, the job was complete.

Company owner Ing. Kamil Zizka of Stavoplast KL was very happy with the result - a trench that he would have expected to take 3 days to finish was completed in less than half of 1 day, with a very smooth and tidy finish that would require minimal repair work after the cable has been laid.

Other Applications

Micro-trenching 2x


  • fast, minimal damage, precision trenches from 26mm width
Quarrying 2x


  • sandstone, marble, granite, limestone, basalt...
  • cut dimensional stone directly in quarry
  • multi blade saws for precision blocks
Excavation 2x


  • footings, trenches, basements, carparks, swimming pools and more
  • boundary wall cutting
  • minimise vibration in sensitive areas
  • re-use cut material for retaining walls
  • optical fibre, plumbing, electricity trenches
Tight Access Excavation 2x

Tight Access Excavation

  • underhouse excavations
  • difficult access locations
  • swimming pool installation/demolition in backyards
  • rocksaws, stump grinders and rock grinders for excavators down to 1 tonne
Concrete Cutting & Demolition 2x

Concrete Cutting & Demolition

  • reinforced concrete structures
  • swimming pools
  • aircraft
  • pre-fabricated buildings
Mining 2x


  • small scale mining operations
  • mine site infrastructure
  • extract blocks for processing
Tunnels 2x


  • trenches for services
  • finishing walls
  • slots for services in tunnel walls
Forestry 2x


  • stump grinder
  • firewood
  • milling logs
  • brush cutting
Landscaping 2x


  • shape blocks for retaining walls, paths, stairs
  • trim trees
  • modify and remove concrete
  • grind stumps
Cutting Metal 2x

Cutting Metal

cutting steel with echidna excavator rocksaw
Recycling 2x


cut metals, plastics, fibreglass, rubber and more for handling and recycling