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Swiss RAE Building, Zurich, Concrete Slab Demolition


The CS5 cutting system was developed for the demolition of a 1300 mm thick, heavily reinforced concrete floor in the Swiss RAE building in Zurich. Access to and movement within the site was limited by heavy steel structures and rubble which made the stand alone system an attractive option.

Actual cutting rates achieved were ca 6 sqm per hour; the main limitation being a very large content of very heavy steel reinforcement 32mm steel bars on 200 x 200 grid throughout the concrete with extra 40mm steel bars in the last 100mm. In a more "normal" situation, cutting rates of 10 - 15 sqm/hr could be achieved.

Performance on-site

The system comprised

Cutting Depth400mm
Length of Cut3 x 20m cuts and 4 x 10m cuts (total 100m)
Setup time30 minutes to set up each cut (total setup time 3.5 hours)
Materialconcrete, fully steel reinforced
Total time for work10 hours from start to finish, including setup time

Automated, self-powered and self propelled, the CS5 developed by Echidna provides high productivity combined with safety and economy.

The CS5 features a 130 kW Caterpillar diesel engine to drive up 2.5 m diameter concrete cutting blade. It has a built in rail for cutting up to 2.8 m, or can be mounted on a track system for cutting any length.

The vertical angle can be adjusted to +/- 20 deg to either compensate for sloped ground or to provide a tapered cut for easier extraction of blocks from a thick layer of concrete.

The system is constructed so that it allows sinking the cutting rail up to 500mm below ground level in order to increase the total cutting depth. The system is fully automated - the operator puts the machine in place, programs the cutting depth increments, length and angle and the machine does the rest.

Although developed for demolition of a concrete structure, the CS5 is not limited to this field. It is also suitable for excavation and quarrying, reducing both up front and operating costs as compared to an excavator mounted rocksaw. In quarrying this system can be used as a portable gantry saw for pre-processing or even finishing of quarry blocks.

Echidna and the Echidna dealer Hydremag ( in Switzerland both have a CS5 unit available for hire. Please contact Echidna or Hydremag for all enquiries

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CS5 Product Information

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